Holistic Massage

The massage is focused on treating the whole – giving the body, mind and soul exactly what it needs in the moment. It helps you to reconnect with your body, release tension and find deep relaxation.

My massages are a blend between the Western and Eastern therapies. The Western therapies taught me how to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and make you feel more relaxed. It gave me a solid base in human anatomy and understanding of the body.

The Eastern style of massage is about finding balance in the energy within the body. Depending on what is going on for you, I can use pressure points, reflexology, acupressure and Reiki.

I have found that the combination of these techniques are very effective. Every massage is different and I will always costumize the treatment to your needs.

60 min –  €55 

For bookings or questions:
✆ 0031643957543

What people say:

★★★★★ – Marlena
¨A holistic massage or a treatment for soul! Hands that dance above your body, lead by intuition, feeling their way trough your own energy. Creating a journey to the depths of your tension. It somehow opened up things that needed a little push to loose themselves, so that my feelings and my thoughts had new room and finally the energy of letting go. Thank you for reminding me of reconnecting. With me, my energy and soul.¨

★★★★★ – Beatrice
¨I was going through stressful times and I have done a massage with Anouk to give a present to myself, reconnect with my body and find some calmness back. It was definitely worth it and helped me relax and energize at the same time. Anouk is very gentle, kind and experienced. I highly recommend contacting her.¨

★★★★★ – Meggy
“I received my first massage from Anouk. My day started very hectic and I felt like I just wanted to go back to bed. When I arrived Anouk took time to listen to me which really helped. During this amazing treatment I traveled to another world. I felt so light, peaceful and soft. After the massage I was so relaxed and I felt connected with my body. This feeling is still with me today. Thank you so much!¨

★★★★★ – Saskia
“I visited Anouk for a massage. Due to some events in my life my body was full of tension. During the massage I could feel the tension subside. Anouk connects with people from her heart and has a warm and serene attitude. After the treatment I felt a lot lighter and more energetic. Dear Anouk, thank you for this beautiful experience.¨

★★★★★ – Daisy
¨Last week I booked a relaxation massage with Anouk for the first time. I´ve had massages before but this one was by far the best. You can feel her energy and calm nature when she is doing the treatments. I felt super relaxed afterwards.¨

★★★★★ – Sabien
¨The massage was a gift to myself and it was a great choice. It helped me restore a feeling of peace in my body and mind. It was amazing to just surrender and not having to do anything. Anouk took me into full relaxation. The conversation we had afterwards gave me some new insights and inspiration. I can definitely recommend¨

★★★★★ – Kim
¨It was a long time ago since I had done something for myself. When I arrived my mind was so busy but after one hour I was super relaxed. Thank you Anouk¨

★★★★★ – Estelle
“What I loved about the massage was that Anouk can connect the body with the mind. She holds space and is not afraid to talk about the energetic side of things. Anouk listened with genuine attention and made me feel at ease¨

★★★★★ – Neil
¨Intuitive, profound healing that goes beyond the word ¨massage¨. Anouk tunes in and works deeply with the body mind. In supporting complete relaxation, she created the chance for me to meet myself as I was, and from this space transformation was possible. Thank you!¨

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