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What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is similar to forms of traditional psychotherapy. We discuss matters of the mind, like memories, triggers, circumstances, thoughts and other things that are affecting your mental health. The difference is that we also pay attention to the body and energetic world.

Our body is connected with our mind and has a response to our emotions and thoughts. As a therapist I take this into consideration. If we only address the mind, we miss out on opportunities to heal and establish lasting change.

Your body contains infinite wisdom and you are the one that has all the answers. Sometimes it is just hard to listen to it.

Often we feel disconnected from ourself, which can manifest in anxiety, depression, overworking, toxic relationships or reaching for the next big thing. We often search for things in the outside world, but the most beautiful insights and healing is found within.

This form of therapy helps you to reconnect with yourself and your body. It invites you to work through difficult emotions and helps you to manage thoughts and feelings.

What can you help me with?

One of the misconceptions about therapy is that it is only for people who experience trauma or a mental illness. However, I believe that talking to a professional before you are in crisis could actually help you to develop skills that are handy when life gets difficult.

We often have blindspots about our own beliefs, stories and behaviours. Someone that asks good questions and helps you inquire about yourself can help with identifing them. Therapy can help you grow, some examples of these benifits are:

• Learning how to take care of yourself and love yourself
• Learning how to regulate your own emotions
• Learning how to be less harsh and more kind to yourself
• Getting a better sense of who you are, what you find important and your goals
• Communicate better with your envirnoment

People reach out with a lot of different topics, such as:
– Trauma
– Issues in your relationships
– Depression
– Anxienty
– Low self-esteem
– Stress
– Chronic pain
– Family issues

What happens in the session?

As a qualified therapist I have a toolbox full of tools we can use to get to the core of things. Every session is fully tailored to you and I will assess what will be most beneficial.

Things I love to use in my work are:
• Breathwork
• Meditation
• ACT Therapy Tools
• Traditional Therapy Tools
• Somatic Excercises
• Body Scan
• Systemic work

What do others say?

“When I started my sessions I felt very insecure about the future. I wanted to connect with my feelings more instead of overthinking everything. A lot has changed since then. I have decided to start doing what I really want and signed up for a study. I am more in touch with my body and setting boundries feels much more comfortable. If it feels right for me I can stand by my choices which is a big change. Anouk will find the core of the problem very quick and makes you feel very comfortable“ – Sandra


The session with Anouk was very nice and I felt at ease right away. I felt heard and seen. Within a few minutes she asked me a question which gave me a huge insight. We did systemic work with little puppets which made the problem I had very clear and visible. I thought she would tell me what was wrong, but instead she just gave me the insight I needed. I am amazed how much progress I made after just one session“Elke


“When I arrived at Anouk´s place I felt very stuck in life. I struggled with negative thoughts, I felt very insecure about myself. I felt often overwelmed with my own emotions. After one session I felt so much peace. I felt more in touch with myself and my body. I trust my intuition more now and I am making  progress every day” -Suzanne 


“I was very critical and harsh towards myself and couldn´t put my feelings into words. During the sessions I got a lot of insight in my thought patterns and I realized that they are very old. I wanted to change everything very fast but I learned to take it slow and be proud of the progress I made. I don´t always have to go full speed anymore and I have learned to be more gentle with myself. I can recommend Anouk because she always takes time for you. She is realistic, has humor and won´t judge anything you are saying. She is very honest and not afraid to confront, but always in a loving way“ – Renate

Practical Information

Investment: €50 – 75 minute session

– In my own space just outside Odeceixe
– In nature
– Home visits possible

You can always contact me for questions or bookings  ✆ 0031643957543

Or e-mail me here:

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About me

My name is Anouk and I have always been fascinated by the connection between body and mind. In university I studied traditional Psychology and Psychotherapy and I often wondered why no one talked about the body and the world of energy. After my graduation my curiosity led me to pack my backpack and move to the other side of the world. For years I lived in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. I spend a lot of time in India, Birma, Cambodia and Indonesia where I met many wonderfull teachers along the way that brought me so much wisdom.

At the end of my trip I found an Holistic centre in Bali and felt in my whole being: this is what feels right.
I went back to the Netherlands and studied to become a Holistic Therapist. My work became a blend between West and East, combining the best of both worlds.

Since januari 2023 I moved together with my partner to the Westcoast of Portugal. We are enjoying a simple life, close to nature. I walk my dogs on the beach everyday and I love the slow paste of life here.